How to participate

How does it work?

To do your EVS you need to have a sending organization from your own country – this organization will help you throughout the application process and they will also be a part of your support before, during and after your voluntary service – and you also need to find a hosting organization, in the country of your choice and with the work of your choice, which is able and willing to host you.

Finding these organizations is the first step towards doing EVS and your sending organisation is going to help you throughout this process. There is a EVS database where you can search for projects and countries, and you can find as well hosting as sending organizations. When you have found a project that suits you, you contact your sending organisation, which will guide you through the next simple steps.

What can I work with?

The work you will do as an EVS volunteer depends entirely on the project and the organization you volunteer in. It can be social work, environmental work, working with disabled or with children, with youth information or art and culture, or some other topic not mentioned here. In the EVS database linked above you can search the database by project theme, so to find your special interest.

It is important to mention, though, that the work should be non-for-profit and you as an EVS volunteer should not be a substitute for paid workforce.

What help and economical support will I have?

During the voluntary service you will be provided for free with accommodation and food of adequate standard. You will also receive a set amount of pocket money to cover your personal expenses. In the programme a well-covering AXA insurance is also included, and the only cost you may have is ten% of your travel costs to and from your hosting country.

You should know that during the EVS you will not be alone! A mentor will be assigned to you: he/she will listen to you, help you in practical problems and facilitate your life experience; a supervisor will be responsible to guide you through your tasks during working hours; you will also be given language classes and you have the opportunity to learn the language spoken in your new country; eventually, your sending organisation and the National Agency of the Youth in Action programme will be there to help you in any major problems that may arise.

Moreover, anyone can do EVS! You do not need to prove to have any specific knowledge or skill, and if you need extra support your sending and hosting organisations will take care of it.

More information check The Greek National Agency in charge of coordinating the programme in Greece.


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